April 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Blissful Newborn Snuggles

4 years ago in this mOMent my baby girl and I were very busy...she on her journey arriving on this earth. me on my journey to being born as a mumma. In just hours from now, at 7:24pm on April 12, my life and heart exploded with a love so intense, I did not know it possible until the moment I held her. I am so blessed.

There are mOMents in life that define us. This day celebrates one of those mOMents in my life.

Life. Is. Beautiful.


Reflection of a Week

Rainbow Week

This week has been full...overflowing with awesomeness! As I welcome the weekend, I have trouble believing that so much fit into just 168 hours! I thought that sitting down and taking stock of some of what the week held, might help me process a to-do list that at times feel overwhelming. Here is some of what has been keeping me out of trouble for the last week:

planning all things superhero to celebrate my baby girls 4th birthday
preparation for Breathe Now Conference


Nadi Shodhana ~ Alternate Nostril Breathing

Om Wall Hanging

I have had lots of questions recently about pranayama (breath work) ~ the *how-to's* and the *why's*. With just a few minutes a day you can help restore any imbalances in your brain, increase lung capacity, improve sleep, calm emotions, soothe your nervous system and increase focus, and, and, and...yes please! You may have already found our FREE audio guided meditation using your breath. If not, feel free to swing by and download it (perfect to download for on-the-go relaxation!)


Nadi Shodhana ~ Alternate Nostril Breathing

I have recorded a mini video guided pranayama practice using Nadi Shodhana, pronounced nah-dee show-DAH-nah (Alternate Nostril Breathing) for you! But first, a little more on the *why's*: