The 12 Days of Relay ~ the second day (Sweet Vibrations)

Dancing at Relay for Life 2010

Leading up to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life in Victoria, I am doing a fun count down with oodles of FIGHT BACK tips and info. If you missed a day, click on the link to catch up!

*remember...this works best if you sing along to the tune of 12 days of Christmas:)

On the second day of relay music gave to me, sweet vibrations and tools to kick cancer's hiney...

Music has the power to improve our mood (releasing cancer fighting hormones), to connect us (releasing cancer fighting hormones), to create space to pause (releasing cancer fighting hormones), to lower blood pressure (releasing cancer fighting hormones), to evoking happiness (releasing cancer fighting hormones)'s powerful stuff! Every cell in our body is a constant vibration. A repeating hum. It's own song. By listening to music, and even better, singing along we raise our vibration...heal ourselves right down to a cellular level!

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." ~ Lao Tzu

Looking for some musical inspiration? I am currently putting together my playlist for dance walking my laps at Relay for Life. Here are some of the beats I will be playing to overnight...

Blessed ~ Brett Dennen
Tala Odyssey ~ Desert Dwellers
On the Dancefloor ~ David Guetta ft. Will.I.Am
SKRILLEX ~ Bangarang
Maria Maria ~ Santana
Work it Out ~ Lil Jon
Everybody Got Their Something ~ Nikki Costa
Big Hoops ~ Nelly Furtado
The Mating Game ~ Bitter:Sweet
African Pirates ~ Nightmares on Wax
We Found Love ~ Rihanna
Brokenhearted ~ Karmin
Beautiful Monster ~ Ne-Yo
Multiply ~ Jamie Lidell
*FYI some of these tunes, though filled with catchy beats contain some language that may not be appropriate for everyone...

Sending happy, healthy, cancer fighting vibrations!


p.s. learn more about the Relay for Life, what the Canadian Cancer Society does or the donate and support our fight all HERE!



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oooooo Big Hoops is on my

oooooo Big Hoops is on my list too!
Thanks for sharing Liz!