Craving Spring

Pink Tulips

Is anyone else out there craving Spring? I know it's close...I can feel it in my bones!

It happens around this time every year. I start to feel my fingers itching to be in the garden connecting with the earth. My skin longs for hours of warm spring breezes, blowing off the old and creating space for the *new*. My eyes are carefully combing every tree, bush and patch of earth for the first buds daring to bloom. My tongue tingles at the thought of homemade mint tea and the first spring strawberries (YUM!). My mind craves order, spring clearing, decluttering. My soul longs to wake by the sunshine as the days grow longer, with more time to play.

Does anyone else feel it?

To gently request these urges to patiently wait for the season to catch up, I have started a couple projects...

saving eggshells each time I use eggs ~ getting ready to start growing my veggie seeds for the garden in eggshells (ps. I have found it easier to poke the draining hole in the egg before cracking)

planning the garden ~ which veggies where, rotating crops, what veggies are the family (read: my yogini's) current fav's to make sure we grow them, which will be my have-never-grown-them-before experiment veggie, etc

de-cluttering ~ this is a regular in our house...but my desk is in need of some my dad would say about my mum when she got into one of these moods, "watch out, she's on the rampage!" Ditto!

turning over the garden

Thank goodness the groundhog said Spring is a-comin'! and he knows what he is talking about, right?


Photo Props: Bahman Farzad via flickr